19th August 2013


Do I go to my group tomorrow or not?

My hip has been horrible for 10 days now. The pain is horrific and I am shuffling along like an old,decrepit thing. I can’t cook as standing for 5-7 mins is NOT possible at all. I find myself asking for more and more help,which I hate to do.

Saturday DH took Miss Mary and Miss Annie to the local shops as they were getting a bit rowdy and he thought some fresh sir would do them good. I doped myself up and went to bed. Miss Lizzie studied. Sunday we had plans to go to some local markets but again I stayed at home with Miss Lizzie.

It just plain sucks,I am over this pain. Usually my flares only last a few days bit this one has been a doozy!i honestly don’t know if I can drive the car that far (40 mins each way )then sit all day in
horrible chairs. The thought of having to go to the gym makes me break out in hot sweats…..

I did manage to finish Miss Mary’s cardi. I will show it when I have blocked it and sewed buttons on. I have started a new project. A lovely shawl.

Oh yes the girls did the 40hour famine over the weekend. I am so proud of them! Miss Lizzie went without food and furniture and raised $100. Miss Annie went without furniture and technology and raised $60.Miss Mary went without furniture and thumbs and raised $50. All of them were very grateful to be able to sleep in their own beds on Sunday night. I am proud that my girls think of others.



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