8th August 2013.

This morning started out normally

I dragged myself out of bed after only 5 hours of sleep

I took the twins to the train,came home faffed about for 30 mins,took Miss Lizzie to the train station ( for her choir performance) I then drove to a nearby village for my first appointment at the local doctors.

I was early so I popped into the newsagent and bought a magazine. I read it in the car before going to the doctors.

I let them know I had arrived,stating my name,the doctor’s name and the time of my appointment. I filled out all the relevant information for their paperwork. I then sat down to wait.

I got out my magazine to do the puzzles. Lots of people came and went. I did nearly every puzzle in the magazine. An hour had passed. I was just about to go to the counter and ask what was going on when a woman appeared at my side,apologising that it appeared said doctor wasn’t coming in today

I looked at her and sighed. I asked if I could make another appointment. I followed her to the counter and she apologised again. I replied with ” crap happens” she looked shocked…..I asked if she thought I was going to yell and scream and throw myself on the floor? She looked a bit sheepish and said quietly ” yes”.

I smiled and said ” no,things like this happen to me ALL the time”

I left with an appointment for next Monday.

I decided to pop into the local cafe for a coffee,needless to say…..it was closed.

Of course it was closed!

Sigh……..I drove to another village 15 mins away for a coffee and decided to cheer myself up with a new nail polish,I had a voucher for $3 so it only cost me $3.50.

Just think, I could have slept in………


One thought on “8th August 2013.

  1. You showed great restraint and kindness!! You do kind of get used to waiting and waiting though. I take my knitting. Yay for a nail polish cheap with a voucher!!!!

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