7th August 2013.

Today is what I would consider a ‘bad’ day.

Yesterday I went to my course,I was running late after having to drop Miss Lizzie off at a choir rehearsal and then it took me 35 mins to get into the hospital car park. I won’t go into detail about boom gates not working,people not paying before trying to leave the car park,lining up to get out and then going to pay their fee whilst leaving the car at the boom gates,sitting in the sun for over30 mins and nearly nodding off.

We went to the gym and I struggled,I was already sore but I still tried. The physio had words with me about the placement of my feet. I did ballet for years and hence when doing exercise,I point my toes.

She said to me ” that’s not normal!” ” stand with your feet side by side” I find that difficult. She asked me to stand pigeon toed,again,I couldn’t do it.

Again, ” that’s not normal” gee thanks lady. I’m doing my best,every joint hurts and I am very tired but I’m trying.

I left at the normal time and picked my daughter up from choir. I was very tired and very sore.

Getting out of the car was difficult.

Sleep was hard to come by and when the alarm finally went off at 6am,I knew there was no way I could take Miss Annie to band. I told her and then crawled back into bed.

I woke a few hours later,stiff,sore and swollen. My ribs hurt when I breathe. I can’t straighten my hands out Tea will be store bought BBQ chicken.

It has been hard the last few days,physically and emotionally.

The was a drama with Miss Lizzie and the band master and the principal over a choir performance

There was bullying and it didn’t come from my daughter.

Tears ensued and angry words followed.

I am so disappointed in our school and its treatment of my child. She doesn’t want to make a fuss. Her decision to attend was made purely on the fact that ” it will get the teachers and principal off my back”. And that her non attendance would be punished with her not being allowed to attend her vocal group and vocal ensemble for 18 months. Singing is her favourite thing in life.

So sad.


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