26th August 2013

Today Miss Annie and I actually left the house
Woohooooo!!!! It has been nearly a week since we had left the house,due to poor Miss Annie being so ill.
We popped into a local village for a cuppa and a little look around.

It was SO nice to get outside and enjoy the springlike weather.

We went into the local op shop and Miss Annie got a lovely top and a hat. I picked up a paperback for only $2.

Poor Miss Annie has been just exhausted. This bug has really taking it out of her. She is hoping to go back to school tomorrow. I’m not sure if she will last the whole day.

I’m going to the last day of my course tomorrow. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again.

Hubby cut his finger rather badly at work today. Not nice.

I managed to cook dinner tonight,we had apricot chicken,rice and vegetables. It was lovely.

I have started Miss Lizzie’s cardigan. With some gorgeous cherry red wool from Bendigo Wool Mills

A pic of the gorgeous Calypso


23rd August 2013

Yesterday was not a good day. A day filled with pain from head to foot. Every joint and muscle. It was such a relief to go to sleep last night.

It was also a day filled with hugs,The Hobbit,cappuccinos,hot chocolates and knitting. Miss Annie is still sick. Poor sweetie. She had a nap at 3pm and again at 5pm. She was awake reading til 1am and then slept til 11am.

Dinner was a BBQ chicken and chips which the kids always think is a treat.

Miss Annie went to feed her bunnies after she woke up and discover that both were missing. Tears and despair followed. We were both running around the yard in our pjs. I found Mocha hiding behind a plant pot. Latte took much longer to find. Minutes passed and fear grew. Latte finally appeared. She did not want to be caught. It took quite a while and involved celery,lots of running and finally a towel to catch her. Poor Miss Annie was a mess with relief,but lots of hugs and love calmed her.

My latest knitting project is coming along very well. It’s simple but lovely and I am letting the gorgeous wool shine through.

The rest of my Xmas order from JB Hi Fi came yesterday. I am truly impressed with their service. I will definitely be using them again. Their delivery charges are very reasonable.

The wind is still wild and woolly. I wish it would end. I hate it when it’s windy. So do most of the pets,the cats especially get crazy when it’s windy.

21st August 2013

I woke feeling well yday,although still in pain so I decided to go out and take advantage of my wellness. I popped in spotty to buy some wool for Xmas pressies as they had 30% off!

Then to Kmart. I had just learnt where everything was and of course,they are moving everything around! I bought a new shredder as the old one had bitten the dust and Miss Lizzie had been shredding paper by hand for her bunny.

I treated myself to a lovely morning tea with an iced coffee and a divine butterscotch and caramel cheesecake. It was heavenly. There are large dollops of caramel through the cheesecake. Lord it’s good. The Coffee Club for those who would like to know.

I was in extreme pain but the time I got home but felt I had achieved something. Thank goodness for extra painkillers,coffee,knitting and Broadchurch.

I know I should have gone to my course but I just couldn’t face the thought of the physio. So I played hooky and shopped instead.

A strange miracle occurred yesterday ,Calypso decided she wanted to sit on my lap. Nothing unusual about that. Ill show you a photo of what happened

Yes Luna was already sitting beside my legs,they stayed there for a little while,then there was some hissing and Luna left.

I have poor Miss Annie at home with me today. She is barking and barely has any voice. So they have been lots of cups of tea and Doctor Who watching

I have ordered some Xmas pressies over the net and the first one arrived today. Only 2 days from ordering….I am very impressed. Well done JB Hi Fi.

19th August 2013


Do I go to my group tomorrow or not?

My hip has been horrible for 10 days now. The pain is horrific and I am shuffling along like an old,decrepit thing. I can’t cook as standing for 5-7 mins is NOT possible at all. I find myself asking for more and more help,which I hate to do.

Saturday DH took Miss Mary and Miss Annie to the local shops as they were getting a bit rowdy and he thought some fresh sir would do them good. I doped myself up and went to bed. Miss Lizzie studied. Sunday we had plans to go to some local markets but again I stayed at home with Miss Lizzie.

It just plain sucks,I am over this pain. Usually my flares only last a few days bit this one has been a doozy!i honestly don’t know if I can drive the car that far (40 mins each way )then sit all day in
horrible chairs. The thought of having to go to the gym makes me break out in hot sweats…..

I did manage to finish Miss Mary’s cardi. I will show it when I have blocked it and sewed buttons on. I have started a new project. A lovely shawl.

Oh yes the girls did the 40hour famine over the weekend. I am so proud of them! Miss Lizzie went without food and furniture and raised $100. Miss Annie went without furniture and technology and raised $60.Miss Mary went without furniture and thumbs and raised $50. All of them were very grateful to be able to sleep in their own beds on Sunday night. I am proud that my girls think of others.


16th August 2013

Growth in the garden

A sure sign spring is on its way


Our nectarine is blossoming

The vegie garden has gone to hell in a hand basket. Most things have bolted and gone to seed due to our unseasonably warm weather.
I think we will dig it all up,put it in the compost and start again.

Yesterday my back was a bit better but my hands weren’t happy ,swollen and refusing to work. Many tremors in my left arm.

Luna is my constant companion. When she isn’t yowling for food. Lol.

Divine wool for a new project. Aren’t the colours gorgeous?
Have to go,Luna is starving again………lol

14th August 2013

I didn’t go to my course this week,the past weeks had rendered me useless the following day so I wasn’t able to take Miss Annie to band. So she had missed out on 3 weeks. I felt incredibly guilty about this.

So instead I slept in and then picked the kids up from vocal group. My hip was still bothering me,a lot. I was limping and still using my stick. I took Miss Annie to school this morning and then I dropped the other two off at the coffee shop for a hot chocolate.

I drove home,so tired and I was in agony as I got out of the car. I stumbled inside,threw down some painkillers and fell into bed. Thankfully I slept. In my sleep,I turned over and felt a loud thud as my hip re-aligned. The pain eased immediately.

I felt almost normal for a few hours this afternoon. I worked on Miss Mary’s cardigan,ate tea with my family. Then the pain kicked in again. My hip was complaining again. The muscles were yellng from being stretched out of place for 5 days.

I am sick of the pain. Exhaustion takes over my life. I am sick of joints that pop in and out but no one wants to know about them. I rarely cook tea anymore. My husband looks at me and sighs,I know things must be bad when he looks at me like that.

I was very humbled this morning when I had to ask Miss LIzzy to put my socks on for me as I couldn’t bend my leg. She was lovely and most concerned. I hate having to ask the kids to do anything for me as they already do way too much as it is.

I have a twitch in my left arm that comes and goes. My legs twitch too. I get a tic in my eye and often one in my lip as well. There is numbness in one leg,sometimes going right down to my foot so I can’t feel ‘where’ my foot actually is,about 4 of my fingers are numb too. I get odd ‘blind’ spots when I am tired.

I am struggling. Really struggling.

11th August 2013

This weekend has been shrouded in pain,teeth clenched and not breathing

I woke yesterday morning with a hip that did not want to work and was screaming at me for being out of place

I have spent the time popping pain killers and drifting in and out of sleep

It’s hard to get comfortable ,tossing and turning. Walking is only possible with Michael (Caine/cane) and its not really walking,it’s more kind of shuffling along.

I hear things but can’t really do much about them,Luna meowing for food,knocks at the front door,messages on my phone,music being played,tv on.

Miss Mary cut her finger badly on a mirror,she was very brave. She got a tea towel(remembering what her dad did when he cut his finger ) wrapped her finger and then came to me. She had sliced a layer of skin off and it was bleeding badly. I found some gauze and tape and wrapped it tightly. So far,all is well.

Miss Lizzie went to sing at the local Vietnam Veterans Day. It went very well. She said she feels very funny in her school uniform on a Sunday. LOL.

Luna has taken to yodelling ‘loudly’ when she wants food. She wanders around the house,meowing like she is being strangled by some strange being. I try to find her and the yodelling gets louder and louder. It’s NOT fun.

Calypso came and sat on my lap last night. The first time since we got Luna 2 months ago. It was lovely. She is very cuddly and smoochy.

I hope my hip is better by tomorrow as I have an appointment with my doctor,the one instead of last Thursday where I waited for an hour before anyone remembered she wasn’t there. I HAVE to go as I am nearly out of some meds.

8th August 2013.

This morning started out normally

I dragged myself out of bed after only 5 hours of sleep

I took the twins to the train,came home faffed about for 30 mins,took Miss Lizzie to the train station ( for her choir performance) I then drove to a nearby village for my first appointment at the local doctors.

I was early so I popped into the newsagent and bought a magazine. I read it in the car before going to the doctors.

I let them know I had arrived,stating my name,the doctor’s name and the time of my appointment. I filled out all the relevant information for their paperwork. I then sat down to wait.

I got out my magazine to do the puzzles. Lots of people came and went. I did nearly every puzzle in the magazine. An hour had passed. I was just about to go to the counter and ask what was going on when a woman appeared at my side,apologising that it appeared said doctor wasn’t coming in today

I looked at her and sighed. I asked if I could make another appointment. I followed her to the counter and she apologised again. I replied with ” crap happens” she looked shocked…..I asked if she thought I was going to yell and scream and throw myself on the floor? She looked a bit sheepish and said quietly ” yes”.

I smiled and said ” no,things like this happen to me ALL the time”

I left with an appointment for next Monday.

I decided to pop into the local cafe for a coffee,needless to say…..it was closed.

Of course it was closed!

Sigh……..I drove to another village 15 mins away for a coffee and decided to cheer myself up with a new nail polish,I had a voucher for $3 so it only cost me $3.50.

Just think, I could have slept in………

7th August 2013.

Today is what I would consider a ‘bad’ day.

Yesterday I went to my course,I was running late after having to drop Miss Lizzie off at a choir rehearsal and then it took me 35 mins to get into the hospital car park. I won’t go into detail about boom gates not working,people not paying before trying to leave the car park,lining up to get out and then going to pay their fee whilst leaving the car at the boom gates,sitting in the sun for over30 mins and nearly nodding off.

We went to the gym and I struggled,I was already sore but I still tried. The physio had words with me about the placement of my feet. I did ballet for years and hence when doing exercise,I point my toes.

She said to me ” that’s not normal!” ” stand with your feet side by side” I find that difficult. She asked me to stand pigeon toed,again,I couldn’t do it.

Again, ” that’s not normal” gee thanks lady. I’m doing my best,every joint hurts and I am very tired but I’m trying.

I left at the normal time and picked my daughter up from choir. I was very tired and very sore.

Getting out of the car was difficult.

Sleep was hard to come by and when the alarm finally went off at 6am,I knew there was no way I could take Miss Annie to band. I told her and then crawled back into bed.

I woke a few hours later,stiff,sore and swollen. My ribs hurt when I breathe. I can’t straighten my hands out Tea will be store bought BBQ chicken.

It has been hard the last few days,physically and emotionally.

The was a drama with Miss Lizzie and the band master and the principal over a choir performance

There was bullying and it didn’t come from my daughter.

Tears ensued and angry words followed.

I am so disappointed in our school and its treatment of my child. She doesn’t want to make a fuss. Her decision to attend was made purely on the fact that ” it will get the teachers and principal off my back”. And that her non attendance would be punished with her not being allowed to attend her vocal group and vocal ensemble for 18 months. Singing is her favourite thing in life.

So sad.


So many words rolling around inside my head

I have to get them out.

Over the last couple of weeks there have been a whole gamut of emotions,happy,sad,depressed,scared,terrified and numb.

Today I want to write about something good that happened,which was also scary.

I attended a course run by my pain clinic.

It was in nepean hospital. I was scared stiff the day before,having to resort to a sleeping pill to get some rest.

I packed my lunch, a pen and a notebook and some knitting

I could feel myself shaking as I waited for the lift.

Of course they all turned out to be normal people,the occupational therapist and the physio were lovely ladies.

All of the people there,were attending because they have pain,chronic pain. So we are all in the same boat.

There was the chatty one,the painfully shy one,the know it all one,the late one and more.

We had doctors come and talk to us

They talked TO us,not at us or down to us but actually TO us,which was very refreshing.

I have learned a lot.

I have even started exercising…..I know,don’t faint! Esp those who know me personally.

On Tuesday I did 3 minutes on both a bike and treadmill,did leg lifts,used pulleys with weights on them,did steps and used an arm machine. I fully expected to not be able to move on Wednesday but I felt well so I did another 3 minute walk.

Today I did all the exercises planned for me and I feel good.

Like I have achieved something.

I look forward to going each week,I am enjoying the company,something I rarely have.

I have been reading a fair bit on the net especially about how people perceive blogs and the people who write them. I was shocked to hear about all the ‘fakeness’ that goes on. You won’t get any fakeness here. This is mainly a diary for me. To plot my exercise and health and events happening in my life. I’m not writing for an audience. I’m writing for me and my family.