Depression,that’s me

I’m in a hole and really don’t care if I get out

It was my birthday yesterday

I hate it

I hate celebrating but I do it for the girls

I miss my mum especially at this time

Her birthday was 3 weeks after mine and we would often celebrate together

Plus on the 31st is the anniversary of my grandfathers death

We were very close.

We celebrated last Sunday

I got accidentally glutened and had a reaction to preservative

Followed by a massive migraine

I haven’t left the house in the week and I really don’t care

I haven’t cooked or baked

My thought processes are fuzzy and it’s difficult to do anything

Even my knitting is suffering

I have no support system other than my long suffering husband

I’m lonely.

I just want to sleep

I hate this time of year.


3 thoughts on “Depressed

  1. Happy belated birthday, although I’m sure it wasn’t easy to have the “happy” part. I hope your next birthday will be better.

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