The morning after

Today is the morning after

I crawled out of bed at noon,head throbbing,legs weak and a very tender tummy

Yday,special meals were prepared and enjoyed but not long after that last mouthful of cheesecake,came that oh too familiar feeling…..

The nausea ,the shaking,the stomach cramps

I tried so hard to ignore them and keep the contents of my stomach were it was. I didn’t want to insult any of the lovely people who had worked so hard on so many delicious foods.

I paced,trying to distract myself but alas,it didn’t work

The contents of my stomach left me

Causing extreme pain,including one excruciating pain that felt like a lightening bolt passing thorough my chest,head,arms and hands

It left me weak and shaken

Sad eyes looked at me and asked if it was their dish that caused the problem

Fibro takes 5 times the energy to do anything and I believe it causes you to be affected by things 5 times as much

I spent the test of the night shivering and shaking,feeling like a jelly .aching all over but especially my ribs and back where the muscles spent their times threatening to cramp in the most awful way.

I crawled into bed and took a sleeping pill in the hopes of a decent night sleep

It didn’t work

I tossed and turned all night.

So today is the morning after.

I so wish I could simply pop a berocca and a few litres of water and feel well like I used to years ago after a heavy night out.

If only it were that simple

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