The reality

The reality hit me

Of how my body impacts on my life

I took Miss Annie to a craft show in Sydney on Friday

We were up at 5.45am and arrived at the craft show at 9.15am.

We had a wonderful day,wandering about,fondling wool and admiring sewn goodies

There were numerous episodes of sitting down

I took the first lot of painkillers at 11.30am when my back started yelling at me

We left at 12.30pm and arrived home at 3pm

My feet were killing me,burning like hot torches

I was exhausted and very very sore

I took another dose of painkillers at 5pm and another at 9pm in the hope I would sleep

All this on top of a pain patch,which I wear all the time to deal with the constant pain

I went to bed at 8.30pm to watch a movie

I woke yesterday morning at 6am with a doozy of a migraine,which I had been worried about,a rebound migraine due to the painkillers from the day before

Thankfully most of the day was a blur as I fought the pain

Miss Mary had a friend over for the day,I barely knew she was here

Many thanks to my darling hubby for holding down the fort while I languished in bed

I think it was one of the worst migraines I have had in a long time

I remember sitting,rocking,holding my head,fearing it would explode

I took the maximum amount of my migraine meds

I feared a trip to the hospital was on the cards

Thankfully I passed out again and slept for a few more hours

I staggered out of my room at 4.30pm and asked for a cup of tea

I was so dry.

My head was still pounding.

It has become apparent that days like these are no longer possible

It is beyond my reach

2 days of being totally out of commission is just not worth it

I know I would be tired and sore but I didn’t count on a migraine into the mix as well

I am sad about this but resigned.

Days out involving lots of travel and/or walking are just not do-able anymore

I can’t deal with 2 days of being incapacitated

I hate having fibro,it’s invisible,it’s relentless

It will never “get better” it will in fact deteriorate

There is no magical medication,no respite,I am permanently tired,exhausted actually.

A person with fibro uses 5 times more energy to do any task than a “normal”person

My life will never been the same

It makes me very sad and I know spending special times with my girls are limited


4 thoughts on “The reality

  1. 😦 I had a trip to the hospital for a migraine today. Spent the rest of the day sleeping/resting. Over did it yesterday. It’s hard to find a balance….to still have some life with out causing a major flare.

  2. I’m glad you had a great time. Just a question….I thought you had gotten a wheelchair (maybe I have you confused with someone else) so why not use it? I’m sure that would make your outings easier. JMHO

  3. Ah . . . I was going to ask about the wheel chair as well. Can you rent/borrow one at venues like the one you visited? That’s pretty common at indoor events in the US, but not necessarily outdoor ones. I am glad you had a nice time at the event though. So sorry about the aftermath.

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