Meet Miss Luna Marie

Here is Miss Luna

Our latest addition

I had no intentions of getting another cat as we already had 2

I recently joined our local freecycle group and there was an ad for Tia (as she was then known) she was found pregnant and starving.
I didn’t see any replies to take her so I emailed the lady and asked. She told me that some people were coming to look at Tia. I was pleased and hoped she would find a good home

A few days later,the ad was placed again due to a no show by the people. I showed it to my hubby and he told me to reply to the ad,which I did
Arrangements were made for a house check then Miss Mary and I went to meet Tia

Miss Mary had no idea where we we going esp at 7.15am on a Saturday morning,she was NOT impressed. We were shown into the house and shown Tia. Miss Mary had a cuddle with her and I asked her if she thought we could give Tia a home. The look on her face was priceless!

I have no idea why Tia/ Luna had to come home with us but I just knew she had to.

I picked the name of Luna,from a list of Isis,Maeve,Freya,Athena,Gaia and Luna ,to go with our other god/goddess names of Zues and Calypso.

Miss Mary noticed that now we have all the colours of the kittens from The Aristocats movie,hence why Luna’s middle name is Marie,after the white kitten in the movie

We brought Luna home and Miss Lizzie and Miss Annie were both delighted.

Calypso….not so much

Calypso hid for the first 48 hours,terrified of poor little Luna

Zeus was not impressed and wouldn’t relinquish his spot on our bed at night. There may have been a bit of hissing and spitting ( from the cats,not me!)

Calypso has since ventured out but is still very wary of teeny Luna who eats like a horse!

She is making up for lost time

I was put in touch with the lady who found Luna and she kept 2 of Luna’s kittens. We were able to exchange photos which was just lovely

I think Luna will become a part of our lives very easily. I know I am already in love with her.



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