You know that scene in Overboard when Goldie Hawn has lost the plot and is sitting in the corner going glub,glub,glub?

Well that’s me.

Since Tuesday there have been 4 doctors visits,an accident,a CT scan,4 different doctors ,a change in antibiotics,a visit from the Ambulance,so many drives back and forth I have lost count,
stress,chest pains,tears,anger and much,much more.

Firstly Miss Mary was suffering from bronchitis and pneumonia,she was put on antibiotics.that was Tuesday ……I think. I kept her home all week.

Then DH came home on Wednesday sporting some open wounds and many bruises after coming off his motorbike in the supermarkets underground car park in torrential rain

He refused all suggestions of hospital or doctors or painkillers or any idea of NOT going to work on Thursday. This thrilled me immensely as you can imagine.

By Thursday morning after a night of pain and having to use my walking stick to get around,he relented and agreed to see a doctor. I made an appointment for him for 1.30pm

About 11am ,the phone rang and and it was the school telling me that Miss Lizzie was unwell and could I come and collect her? The school is a 25 min drive away and I had to do some quick calculations to work out if I could pick her up and be back in time to take DH to the doctors. I said I could and set off. Upon my arrival I found an ambulance in the schools driveway and thought someone must have hurt themselves.
I was shown into the small room near the office where I found Miss Lizzie flat on the floor,with 2 ambulance officers in attendance. My face must have dropped,as I found myself ushered into a chair pretty swiftly. Seems Miss Lizzie had had severe pain of the girlie kind and had collapsed. She was hot and sweaty and had tingling in her fingers. Pain relief was administered and she seemed to stabilise pretty quickly. I got her into the car and was driving home,wondering how on earth I was going to manage 2 sick girls,one who probably shouldn’t be left at home with only a 13 yr old for supervision ( in case she started to hemorrhage )and get DH to the doctors as he couldn’t drive himself.

I decided to eat humble pie and ask for help..something I rarely do. I asked a friend to help out. They arrived at home just as we did. I put Miss Lizzie to bed and took DH to the doctors. They ordered a CT scan which needed to be done 30 mins drive away(the joys of living in the country!)

Miss Annie arrived home from school and promptly burst into tears as she had only got bits and pieces of what was happening via texts

We got DH an appt at 5pm for his scan. My friends lovely hubby offered to take him. The scan was done but the report wasn’t available til 3pm the following day.

I discovered we had NO chocolate and I may have had a small meltdown. The girls rallied and found me some chocolate bits for cooking in the pantry……anything will do in a crisis.

I decided to have a family metal health day and kept everyone home from school ( it was the last day of term)

I was so stressed I was getting chest pains,mimicking a heart attack which my body tends to do when I am under severe stress.

Miss Mary woke up on Friday rather unwell,so I had to take her back to the doctor for a change of medication. We didn’t get the scan results until 6.30pm so we couldn’t go to the doctors on Friday

We made an appointment at the doctors on Saturday for 2.30pm. We arrived a few minutes early..we waited over 90 minutes to be seen. It was a doctor we hadn’t seen before. She wasn’t at all interested in helping DH with a prognosis. She was more interested “in building us a case” to use to sue the supermarket. WTF?? She refused to give DH a certificate for his work or listen to his chest as he has been coughing for weeks. She told him to make an appointment with a MALE doctor on Monday. We were extremely pissed and the girls were sending many texts wondering where on earth we were.

DH now has yet ANOTHER appt with a doctor on Monday.

DH is NOT a good patient. I love him dearly but there have been more than a few occasions over the last few days where I could have cheerfully beaten him…….to a pulp……with a brick.

We have all been stuck at home,except for the bloody doctors visits and it has been pouring the whole damn time so I packed everyone up and I took us all to a small shopping centre about 25 mins drive away.

It was needed badly for everyone’s mental health.

I think I need a holiday………alone


This is a cute Luna picture….just because

I went to see my pain specialist yesterday

He is a lovely man who asks sensible questions and actually “listens” to the answers.

He says the only permanent solution for my lower back pain is surgery and as I don’t have private health insurance,that really isn’t an option.

So he as doubled the strength of my pain patches and given me a new medication, Lyrica to deal with the neuropathic pain. Lyrica is commonly used to treat pain in fibromyalgia patients. The side effects can be nasty but I’m willing to give it a try.

Is it very wrong of me to want to go and see my previous gp and do a little happy dance in his office? Lol. He seemed to think his main aim in life was to get me off any kind of pain relief without replacing it with anything else.

Last night was filled with fun due to a partial dislocation of my left ankle making it impossible to put any weight on my leg. We won’t discuss the pain level will we?

The picture of Luna is because she is cute and we adore her and she brings much joy to our lives

The reality

The reality hit me

Of how my body impacts on my life

I took Miss Annie to a craft show in Sydney on Friday

We were up at 5.45am and arrived at the craft show at 9.15am.

We had a wonderful day,wandering about,fondling wool and admiring sewn goodies

There were numerous episodes of sitting down

I took the first lot of painkillers at 11.30am when my back started yelling at me

We left at 12.30pm and arrived home at 3pm

My feet were killing me,burning like hot torches

I was exhausted and very very sore

I took another dose of painkillers at 5pm and another at 9pm in the hope I would sleep

All this on top of a pain patch,which I wear all the time to deal with the constant pain

I went to bed at 8.30pm to watch a movie

I woke yesterday morning at 6am with a doozy of a migraine,which I had been worried about,a rebound migraine due to the painkillers from the day before

Thankfully most of the day was a blur as I fought the pain

Miss Mary had a friend over for the day,I barely knew she was here

Many thanks to my darling hubby for holding down the fort while I languished in bed

I think it was one of the worst migraines I have had in a long time

I remember sitting,rocking,holding my head,fearing it would explode

I took the maximum amount of my migraine meds

I feared a trip to the hospital was on the cards

Thankfully I passed out again and slept for a few more hours

I staggered out of my room at 4.30pm and asked for a cup of tea

I was so dry.

My head was still pounding.

It has become apparent that days like these are no longer possible

It is beyond my reach

2 days of being totally out of commission is just not worth it

I know I would be tired and sore but I didn’t count on a migraine into the mix as well

I am sad about this but resigned.

Days out involving lots of travel and/or walking are just not do-able anymore

I can’t deal with 2 days of being incapacitated

I hate having fibro,it’s invisible,it’s relentless

It will never “get better” it will in fact deteriorate

There is no magical medication,no respite,I am permanently tired,exhausted actually.

A person with fibro uses 5 times more energy to do any task than a “normal”person

My life will never been the same

It makes me very sad and I know spending special times with my girls are limited

Meet Miss Luna Marie

Here is Miss Luna

Our latest addition

I had no intentions of getting another cat as we already had 2

I recently joined our local freecycle group and there was an ad for Tia (as she was then known) she was found pregnant and starving.
I didn’t see any replies to take her so I emailed the lady and asked. She told me that some people were coming to look at Tia. I was pleased and hoped she would find a good home

A few days later,the ad was placed again due to a no show by the people. I showed it to my hubby and he told me to reply to the ad,which I did
Arrangements were made for a house check then Miss Mary and I went to meet Tia

Miss Mary had no idea where we we going esp at 7.15am on a Saturday morning,she was NOT impressed. We were shown into the house and shown Tia. Miss Mary had a cuddle with her and I asked her if she thought we could give Tia a home. The look on her face was priceless!

I have no idea why Tia/ Luna had to come home with us but I just knew she had to.

I picked the name of Luna,from a list of Isis,Maeve,Freya,Athena,Gaia and Luna ,to go with our other god/goddess names of Zues and Calypso.

Miss Mary noticed that now we have all the colours of the kittens from The Aristocats movie,hence why Luna’s middle name is Marie,after the white kitten in the movie

We brought Luna home and Miss Lizzie and Miss Annie were both delighted.

Calypso….not so much

Calypso hid for the first 48 hours,terrified of poor little Luna

Zeus was not impressed and wouldn’t relinquish his spot on our bed at night. There may have been a bit of hissing and spitting ( from the cats,not me!)

Calypso has since ventured out but is still very wary of teeny Luna who eats like a horse!

She is making up for lost time

I was put in touch with the lady who found Luna and she kept 2 of Luna’s kittens. We were able to exchange photos which was just lovely

I think Luna will become a part of our lives very easily. I know I am already in love with her.