The Land of Barking.

Hello,I am speaking to you from the Land of Barking.

Everyone has had this insidious bark,even hubby who never gets sick.

I thought I had been lucky and missed out

But alas,it was not to be

I took myself and Miss Annie to the doctors today

Our usual doctors was booked out so we went elsewhere

Where we saw a lovely doctor with a gorgeous Scottish accent that charmed Miss Annie to bits!

I am now in possession of some antibiotics which I truly hope will stop the wheezing and barking.

Now there has been some rather fabulous op shopping

The 4 videos cost me the enormous sum of $2.50. Vanity Fair & Wives and Daughters & The Planets are double videos.
The 2 books cost me 20 cents each.
Then this little beauty from another op shop which cost me a whole 50 cents.


Onto some knitting

This had been my “mindless” knitting. Something to knit when I still need my hands occupied but am not quite awake enough to follow a pattern

It was some sock yarn I had bought ages ago

It took 3 goes with difference size needles before I found the right one

Miss Annie fell in love with it so I said she could have it.

She was particularly enamoured with how the stripes appeared


Ravelled here
And this lovely shawl I made ages ago
I have no idea about the pattern or wool,isn’t the colour divine?


I have also started a cardigan for Miss Lizzie”s birthday

It is unusual,as it starts out by knitting a lace band.

Here it is blocking,boy it was tough on the fingers to get it to 41/2 inches wide



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