Mother’s Day in The Mountains.

Mother’s Day in the Mountains is always bittersweet.

While I am usually spoilt by my family

There are always the ghosts of those missing

A little piece of my heart is always gone

I was woken ,after a lovely sleep in,with a cup of tea

Then came gluten free pancakes with real maple syrup

Then came excited children with lots of goodies

You would have thought it was Xmas by the level of excitement!

I was very spoilt


Missing from the photo is a HUGE bottle of shower cream given to me by Miss Mary,that smells just like a vanilla milkshake.I used it today and it was heavenly.

Sitting on the River Cottage book is a teeny little hedgehog,known as Harold,who is filled with lipgloss. Harold it seems,came with a personality all his own and spent a lot of time amusing the girls. He is adorable.

My request for the day was to sort out my wool stash,so DH dragged it out of all it’s hiding places ( numerous ones all over the house,garage and shed!)and the girls helped me unravelled half knitted things and sort the wool. It was a big task but I am pleased it has been done.

Dinner was my favourite meal of garlic prawns and fried rice

Ahhh heavenly

I was very spoilt and feel very lucky to have have my great family.


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