Hi,I’m Blossom <waving>

this is my place to record the going ons in my life as we strive for a simpler way

I reside in the beautiful Blue Mountains of NSW Australia with my long suffering husband, The Chef,my 3 daughters,Miss Lizzie 15,Miss Annie 13 and Miss Mary also 13.

We have a bit of a menagerie,3 rabbits,2 guinea pigs and 2 cats.

I thought I would write about my autumn garden today.

Here are some seedlings in my hot house.

L to R coriander which is refusing to grow,bak choy,pak choy,cauliflower ,leek and onion

Next is some lavender and 2 types of parsley

Basil and coriander being repotted

A teeny weeny native violet flower in the shady part of the garden,isn’t it gorgeous?

Celery bases being regrown,how fabulous.

Garlic starting to sprout

Strawberries peeping through

Some tomatoes still growing,heaven knows why

Some lemonade lemons,straining the poor branch

Well that’s a walk around my garden for today,I hope you enjoyed it.


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