The Land of Barking.

Hello,I am speaking to you from the Land of Barking.

Everyone has had this insidious bark,even hubby who never gets sick.

I thought I had been lucky and missed out

But alas,it was not to be

I took myself and Miss Annie to the doctors today

Our usual doctors was booked out so we went elsewhere

Where we saw a lovely doctor with a gorgeous Scottish accent that charmed Miss Annie to bits!

I am now in possession of some antibiotics which I truly hope will stop the wheezing and barking.

Now there has been some rather fabulous op shopping

The 4 videos cost me the enormous sum of $2.50. Vanity Fair & Wives and Daughters & The Planets are double videos.
The 2 books cost me 20 cents each.
Then this little beauty from another op shop which cost me a whole 50 cents.


Onto some knitting

This had been my “mindless” knitting. Something to knit when I still need my hands occupied but am not quite awake enough to follow a pattern

It was some sock yarn I had bought ages ago

It took 3 goes with difference size needles before I found the right one

Miss Annie fell in love with it so I said she could have it.

She was particularly enamoured with how the stripes appeared


Ravelled here
And this lovely shawl I made ages ago
I have no idea about the pattern or wool,isn’t the colour divine?


I have also started a cardigan for Miss Lizzie”s birthday

It is unusual,as it starts out by knitting a lace band.

Here it is blocking,boy it was tough on the fingers to get it to 41/2 inches wide


Cream cheese

I made cream cheese yesterday

I started out with a batch of yougurt

Popped it into a clean tea towel

I tied the corners together and hung it from a door handle

I left it there for about 11 hrs,when I had a peek

I opened it up to find the loveliest cream cheese

It was creamy and firm and just divine

I called Miss Annie and Miss Mary out for a taste test

They declared it “divine” so I think that says it all.

I was amazed at how easy this was to do. So simple,no chemicals and no preservatives and yummy to boot!

I will definitely be making this again.

Making yoghurt

I decided to have a go at making my own yoghurt

I have been using an Easiyo system for years now and wanted to try something new

I used this great tutorial

So easy,I mixed up the powdered milk,added 6 teaspoons of yoghurt mix,1/3 cup of sugar and a couple of teaspoons of vanilla extract.I popped it into the thermos overnight
Here it is the next morning

It was a big hit,everyone loved it

Next on the list is cream cheese!

Mother’s Day in The Mountains.

Mother’s Day in the Mountains is always bittersweet.

While I am usually spoilt by my family

There are always the ghosts of those missing

A little piece of my heart is always gone

I was woken ,after a lovely sleep in,with a cup of tea

Then came gluten free pancakes with real maple syrup

Then came excited children with lots of goodies

You would have thought it was Xmas by the level of excitement!

I was very spoilt


Missing from the photo is a HUGE bottle of shower cream given to me by Miss Mary,that smells just like a vanilla milkshake.I used it today and it was heavenly.

Sitting on the River Cottage book is a teeny little hedgehog,known as Harold,who is filled with lipgloss. Harold it seems,came with a personality all his own and spent a lot of time amusing the girls. He is adorable.

My request for the day was to sort out my wool stash,so DH dragged it out of all it’s hiding places ( numerous ones all over the house,garage and shed!)and the girls helped me unravelled half knitted things and sort the wool. It was a big task but I am pleased it has been done.

Dinner was my favourite meal of garlic prawns and fried rice

Ahhh heavenly

I was very spoilt and feel very lucky to have have my great family.

Knitting,shawl and hat

I have been knitting lately

Firstly,a shawl for a friends birthday.

I am very pleased with how it came out

I used a chart for the first time and really struggled with it but then.suddenly,I GOT it.

It is made with 3ply wool bought from “The House of Wool” at Blackheath





Ravelled here

And a hat for Miss Lizzie

Modelled by the lovely Miss Mary



Ravelled here


Hi,I’m Blossom <waving>

this is my place to record the going ons in my life as we strive for a simpler way

I reside in the beautiful Blue Mountains of NSW Australia with my long suffering husband, The Chef,my 3 daughters,Miss Lizzie 15,Miss Annie 13 and Miss Mary also 13.

We have a bit of a menagerie,3 rabbits,2 guinea pigs and 2 cats.

I thought I would write about my autumn garden today.

Here are some seedlings in my hot house.

L to R coriander which is refusing to grow,bak choy,pak choy,cauliflower ,leek and onion

Next is some lavender and 2 types of parsley

Basil and coriander being repotted

A teeny weeny native violet flower in the shady part of the garden,isn’t it gorgeous?

Celery bases being regrown,how fabulous.

Garlic starting to sprout

Strawberries peeping through

Some tomatoes still growing,heaven knows why

Some lemonade lemons,straining the poor branch

Well that’s a walk around my garden for today,I hope you enjoyed it.